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Linux and Shell Scripting for iConnect Enterprise Archive Systems

This course will introduce you to the fundamental concepts of the Linux Operating System. Most of the course is focused on the practical aspects of the commands, tools and scripts that will empower you, our technical customers and employees, with the ability to analyze, diagnose and understand the Unix based OS that provides the foundation for Merge’s Cluster Platform.

The course goals and objectives are:
  • Know how to navigate the command line interface of a Linux system as presented by the console or an SSH session
  • Understand how to view files in Linux with commands such as vi, less, more, cat
  • Understand how to check system processes and network activity through commands such as top, vmstat, iostat, ps –efw, netstat –an
  • Learn advanced grepping techniques that will help efficiently mine through millions of lines of data in the Merge logs using awk, sort, uniq and other commands
  • Learn the location of key configuration files such as resolv.conf, ifcfg-eth*, ntp.conf, fstab and many others
  • Become familiar with some of the differences between Red Hat and SuSE Linux (SLES)

Topics Covered
Theory of Linux
  • Processes, Kernel, Shell, Navigation, Vi, less, more, cat
  • Settings and configuration, Shell Scripting, Networking, NFS

Demos Illustrating Theory
Modules covered
  1. Instroduction
    1. History
    2. FAQ
  2. Server Navigation
  3. Directory Navigation
  4. Process Analysis
  5. Network Analysis
  6. Storage Analysis
  7. Shell Scripting
    1. vi (beyond the basics)
    2. If, Then, Else, Booleon Logic
    3. grep
    4. awk
    5. sample scripts
Hands-on Exercises Related to Theory
  • Hands-on-Exercises


Customers and Employees who wish to better understand IT and computer related hardware and software concepts.

Duration, Credits, Prereqs
Length of Course:
2 days

ASRT CEU Credits:
The attendee may want to optionally complete the TPACS class if they are new to the world of IT and Technical concepts like client/server, networking, etc).

Merge Training Headquarters, Daytona Beach
325 Bill France Boulevard
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
(386) 253-6222
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