Merge LIS™

A scalable clinical laboratory information system

Merge LIS
Merge LIS helps increase clinical laboratory efficiency by automating processes from the time of order collection to the time results are reported. This custom-designed solution expedites real-time results distributed to physicians while streamlining daily workflow, lab management and oversight processes for laboratory professionals. Merge LIS also helps strengthen customer relationships by providing referring physicians access to test results through our lab outreach
portal. Specialty workflows for Merge LIS include microbiology
and toxicology.
Automate your lab process for increased efficiency with a scalable,
web-based system that grows with your business and provides secure access to lab results from anywhere, anytime.

Key features of Merge LIS

Designed to accommodate a single or multi-laboratory environment and supports some of the largest specialty clinic businesses in
the country.
Extensive Connectivity
Extensive Connectivity
Established bi-directional interface to connect with all major reference labs and EHRs, and also connect to a library of 400 existing instrument interfaces to automate the laboratory workflow process from collection to lab results.
Automates order entry
Automates order entry
Automatically generates labels, an accession number, and received specimen time and date stamps, saving technician time and reducing
manual errors.
Intuitive Entry Screens
Intuitive Entry Screens
Our easy-to-use interface facilitates the ordering, managing and reporting of laboratory work to help boost efficiency, reduce costs, improve quality control, and provide secure access to lab results from anywhere,
any time.

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