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CuattroDR™ Digital Radiography

A digital radiography system that can be deployed as a retrofit, full room, or mobile solution

CuattroDR™ Digital Radiography improves radiography workflow efficiency and facilitates greater focus on the patient through instant image acquisition. Orthopedic practices can easily configure CuattroDR to meet the needs of any radiography room, from large clinics to limited practice offices, providing versatility. For any practice looking to increase study volume, achieve better results and improve the patient experience, DR can provide a solid foundation for positive change.

Full Room
For those considering upgrading their analog or computed radiography (CR) equipment to DR, understanding the options, advantages, and consequences of inaction are critical.

With CuattroDR, you can:

maintain reimbursements
Maintain Reimbursements and Remain Competitive
Stay on top of reimbursement models and remain competitive.
leverage assets
Leverage Existing Imaging Assets
Retrofit your current X-ray mechanics using wireless detectors to deliver real-time images.
improve workflow
Improve Workflow
Simplify workflow and improve clinical output with fewer steps than traditional computed radiography’s multiple-step workflow.
spend more time with patients
Spend More Time with Patients
Keep your practice running by providing your staff with reliable and consistent imaging services that have built-in one-touch help 24 hours a day, and total cost of ownership packages with drop protection.
Medicare cuts are coming for those who do not upgrade from CR to DR. In 2018 there will be a 7% reimbursement reduction on X-ray procedures for facilities using CR, increasing to 10% in 2023. Watch our latest video to learn about how CuattroDR™ Digital Radiography solutions can help you.

What Our Clients Say

“It only takes three seconds for an image to populate. We can now complete a study that used to take 10-15 minutes in less than five minutes. That is a lot of time that our staff now have back in their day.”

Cynthia Moreno, Radiologic Technologist, Orthopaedic Center of Corpus Christi