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Merge Dashboards
Merge Dashboards is a business intelligence solution that collects and analyses data in real time from the whole organization. Connecting to Merge RIS™ and to Merge PACS™, Merge Dashboards reports not only on billing and operational activities, but also on reading workflow. Generated reports and dashboard views are easily customizable to monitor critical metrics and ensure steady progress toward success
89% of leaders agreed on the need to analyze data across the care continuum to ensure clinical and financial success.
HealthLeaders Media Intelligence Report. "Healthcare Analytics Buzz Survey." July 2014

With Merge Dashboards, you can…

Receive a real-time pulse on your radiology organization
Get a real-time pulse on your organization
When integrated with Merge RIS and Merge PACS, Merge Dashboards provides a comprehensive picture of your entire organization with financial, workflow, clinical and compliance metrics.
Boost your business insight
Boost your business insight
Powered by a leading business intelligence platform, IBM® Cognos®, Merge Dashboards allows you to explore information to  make data-driven decisions.
Leverage pre-defined reports
Address your
unique challenges

With Merge Dashboards, you can leverage pre-built reports or generate custom-tailored ones to produce
better outcomes.
Automate your processes
Automate your processes
Merge Dashboards streamlines your business monitoring activities by automating data collection, report generation and alert notifications.

What Our Clients Say...

“With one of the biggest changes in a few years being the shift toward pay-for-performance, we are all concentrating on quality, and reporting is a big part of that.”

- Stephanie Hatton, Revenue Cycle Director, California Medical Business Services

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