Merge RIS™

An outpatient radiology information system designed
to meet Meaningful Use

Merge RIS is a complete, certified EHR solution for Meaningful Use that helps outpatient radiology centers compete and thrive. Comprehensive, yet flexible, Merge RIS can power both lean and complex IT organizations, efficiently streamlining workflow and supporting revenue growth.

Store, manage and distribute patient radiology information with a comprehensive system that meets Meaningful Use.

With Merge RIS, you can…

Build your own tailored solution
Build your own
tailored solution

Accomplish your revenue and productivity goals by building a customized workflow solution that optimizes your business from orders to reports, along with billing and analytics.
Improve referral relations
Improve referral relations
Automate your orders-results workflow and provide added services that make it easier to build loyalty with
referring physicians.
Foster patient engagement
Foster patient engagement
Share a secure two-way communication portal with your patients to build stronger, more impactful relationships with them.
Join a community that wants you to succeed
Join a community that wants you to succeed
Collaborate and network with an empowered and energized group of peers who actively contribute to
your development.

What Our Clients Say...

Listen as Jason Dobbs, IT Administrator for Tristate Imaging, describes how managing a large RIS implementation was made easier with Merge RIS.
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