Merge Unity™

An integrated RIS-PACS-Reporting platform

Merge Unity Overview
Merge Unity is an all-in-one RIS-PACS-Reporting platform that enables healthcare providers to focus more on patients and less on managing their IT infrastructure. Besides providing a comprehensive radiology workflow and advanced imaging capabilities, Merge Unity is a smart IT turnkey solution that reduces the need for high maintenance resources and multiple vendor contracts.
“The system has been customized for our imaging and reporting needs
and continues to receive accolades from both radiologists
and referring physicians.”
Thomas W. Raraigh, BS, RT (R) (CT) Director, Cardiology & Imaging Services , Butler Hospital

With Merge Unity, you get…

Merge Unity RIS™:
An end-to-end workflow
automation solution

Grow your business efficiently by automating and measuring your operation, and delighting both your patients and referring physicians.
Merge Unity PACS™:
An all-in-one diagnostic
imaging solution

Empower your technologists and radiologists to reduce turnaround time by leveraging a dedicated platform built to accommodate their
special needs.
Merge Unity
Instant Reporter™
A powerful clinical
reporting assistant

Eliminate the need to dictate multiple report sections by automatically injecting large rich amount of data stored within the RIS/PACS
single database.


What our clients say...

Marcey Hurst discusses why Merge Unity PACS, designed by a radiologist for radiologists, is invaluable to Grove City Medical Center.
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