Merge Unity PACS™

An all-in-one diagnostic imaging and information
management solution

Merge Unity PACS
Merge Unity PACS is a robust PACS system designed from a radiologist’s point of view. No more switching reading platforms, interrupting interpretive workflow or altering good practice to accommodate the system: Merge Unity PACS strives to improve the specialized work of radiologists through single interfaces, fewer clicks, faster turnaround time, fully integrated tools and cleaner reports.

Merge Unity PACS: Benefit from our relentless focus on optimizing the reading physician’s experience and workflow

With Merge Unity PACS, you can…

Save time while reading images
Spend more time reading images with fewer clicks
Eliminate unnecessary steps and simplify the reading workflow to reduce reading time while increasing accuracy.
Read multiple clinical exams on one single platform</strong><br /> Simplify the radiologist&#39;s workflow and streamline costs by eliminating the need for multiple workstations with a sophisticated platform that enables multi-specialty reading.
Read multiple clinical exams on one single platform
Read all subspecialty exams side by side under one pane of glass. This eliminates the need to switch between multiple workstations, providing a unified view and helping to ensure that the radiologist’s time is maximized.
Access intuitive 3D processing and advanced breast imaging features
Access intuitive 3D processing and advanced breast imaging features
Interpret images effectively by leveraging integrated 3D image visualization tools: MPRs, MIPs, vessel analysist/tracking, cardiac calcium scoring and colon analysis.
Improve technologists’ workflow
Improve technologist workflow
Simplify workflow for technologists by using a single platform for all their activities, reducing the need for paper-based workflows and distractions from other technologies.


What Our Clients Say...

Avinder Daisy Uppal from Charter Radiology highlights what sets Merge Unity PACS apart from other PACS systems in the industry.
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