Merge Unity RIS™

End-to-end workflow automation solution

Merge Unity RIS
Merge Unity RIS is a comprehensive radiology workflow solution that can improve efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction throughout the patient journey including the appointment creation, result distribution, business analytics and patient/referring physician portals. Designed as an end-to-end workflow automated solution, Merge Unity RIS can reduce operational budget needs by consolidating systems and optimizing staffing as volume increases.
"The system has been customized for our imaging and reporting needs and continues to receive accolades from both radiologists and referring physicians."
Thomas W. Raraigh, BS, RT (R) (CT) Director, Cardiology & Imaging Services, Butler Hospital

With Merge Unity RIS, you can…

Improve the scheduling and registration experience
Reduce scheduling and registration time 
Help improve your organization’s scheduling and registration process by guiding employees and generating proper interactive questions, tasks and alerts, and using resource-based scheduling.
Reduce report turnaround and improve clinical accuracy
Reduce report turnaround and improve clinical accuracy
Let the system automatically inject relevant clinical data into the reports based on context, easing the interpretive process and allowing physicians to focus more on reading images and less on administrative tasks.
Boost your business insights
Boost your business insights
Understand your practice's operational efficiency, clinical effectiveness, and business performance by leveraging a powerful business intelligence engine mining a unified RIS-PACS-Reporting database.


What Our Clients Say...

Marcey Hurst and Amanda Jones describe how the intuitiveness of Merge Unity is key for seamless workflow at Grove City Medical Center.
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