A guide to optimizing safety and performance for imaging IT implementation

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Implementing and maintaining medical imaging IT systems requires continuous clinical surveillance and diligence. In the absence of formal processes and clearly delineated job descriptions, poor decisions can be easily (and innocently) made by those acting without input from other essential stakeholders. So, how can organizational leaders help ensure proper clinical oversight?

Our latest eBook, Imaging IT Implementation 102: A Guide to Optimizing Safety & Performance, details the importance of strong leadership, open communication, and clearly articulated responsibilities. It also provides a series of sample checklists that can be used to monitor projects and tasks of all sizes, keeping important activities – and those who manage/execute on them – on track.
(Want to start with the first volume? Download Imaging IT Implementation 101: A Common Sense Guide to Implementing Imaging Information Technology).

Originally posted on: 7/31/2017 10:35:55 AM

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