Introducing IBM Watson Imaging Patient Synopsis, a new AI-enabled solution

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IBM Watson Health Imaging is adding to its AI solution suite with the introduction of its newest AI-enabled solution, IBM Watson Imaging Patient Synopsis.

Radiologists play an essential role on the care team as they use their expertise to read imaging studies and make diagnoses. But sometimes they need to access a patient’s medical record to get more information, which is especially crucial for unusual or unclear studies. The EHR contains a lot of unstructured data that can be difficult to search through, and this can make it challenging for radiologists to find relevant information quickly.
Patient Synopsis helps address this challenge. This radiologist-trained solution searches both structured and unstructured data in the EHR to find clinically relevant patient data, and then presents it in a single-view summary for the radiologist. The cloud-based solution, which integrates with existing systems, provides context for the current study by presenting clinically relevant findings in 12 different categories on one patient data template — all in a matter of seconds.
Patient Synopsis joins Watson Health Imaging’s other AI-enabled solution, IBM Watson Imaging Clinical Review, which interprets unstructured data from clinical reports using Watson text analytics capabilities.
Clinical Review is a retrospective AI-enabled data review tool that can find discrepancies between a patient’s diagnostic report and the EHR problem list, highlighting both primary diagnoses and incidental findings that may not be present in the patient’s problem list.
The latest version of Clinical Review is designed to recognize 24 diagnoses for highly-prevalent conditions such as heart failure or hypertension. By interpreting clinical report data and enabling reconciliation of discrepancies with these diagnoses, Clinical Review can help achieve a more comprehensive patient record.
Watson Health Imaging now has two innovative solutions that harness AI capabilities for analyzing text. In the future, new imaging solutions will aim to leverage Watson image-analysis capabilities as well.
To find out more about Patient Synopsis, Clinical Review and our vision for future AI-enabled solutions, download this new brochure about our AI solutions.

Originally posted on: 7/18/2018 11:44:02 AM

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