C-arms: A versatile asset for orthopedic practices

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Whether a physician is checking the placement of pins in a broken arm or injecting a pain-relieving steroid into a joint, precision is key when it comes to orthopedics. A clear view of the surgical site can be crucial to a successful procedure.

Interoperative fluoroscopy can offer insights to surgeons when they need to make real-time decisions during orthopedic procedures.1 The ability to check that an implant is in the correct position can help prevent complications and a possible revision surgery. A view of the needle as an injection is performed can help protect delicate surrounding tissues such as nerves or blood vessels.

C-arms: A great fit for orthopedics
In this regard, C-arm mobile fluoroscopy machines are a revelation. These highly adjustable X-ray modalities allow for sharp real-time images to be taken from nearly any angle, viewed comfortably by care providers and uploaded seamlessly to both archives and removable data sources.
The maneuverability of the C-arm allows physicians to have accessible views of patient anatomy, making it more comfortable for both patients and physicians — even in a variety of surgical spaces.
C-arms are important tools in the fields of orthopedics, trauma care and pain management. The demand for these procedures is only growing: Joint replacement is one of the most common surgical procedures, involving increasingly younger patients. There’s also heightened demand for minimally-invasive pain management injections as a way to stay mobile while delaying or avoiding surgery.
New collaboration brings C-arms to Watson Health
To equip our orthopedic customers and meet their imaging needs, Watson Health is pleased to offer two versatile C-arm options through a new collaboration with Ziehm Imaging Inc., a recognized leader in the manufacturing of C-arms for decades.
These compact C-arms are a valuable addition to the imaging capabilities for healthcare organizations:
  1. The Ziehm Solo* offers a compact, comprehensive package that includes high resolution imaging, multiple configuration options and an affordable price tag.
  2. The Ziehm Solo FD* offers the latest CMOS flat-panel technology in a versatile, adaptable system that can be used with a broad portfolio of applications.  
“In working with Ziehm, Watson Health aims to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for orthopedic practices, offering a full suite of orthopedic solutions,” said Troy Oliphant, Offerings Manager for Watson Health. “This includes a PACS, templating, cloud archiving, digital radiography and now C-arms as well. No more system silos, no more disparate workflows — everything resides in one protected yet accessible system and is backed by robust, ongoing support.”
If you attended AAOS this year and stopped by the Watson Health booth, you had the opportunity to see the Ziehm Solo FD C-arm and hear about this new collaboration. There were also demonstrations of some of our other exciting solutions, like Merge OrthoPACS™ and Merge OrthoCase™.
But even if we missed you, we want to connect with you about how our orthopedic solutions can help your organization. Visit our Orthopedic Solutions page to contact us or learn more.
*Distributed by Merge Healthcare.
Reference: 1. Fluoroscopy. U.S. Food and Drug Administration. March 2018.

Originally posted on: 3/16/2018 2:31:51 PM

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