3 ways a C-arm can enhance your orthopedic pain management services

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As the population ages, orthopedic problems are becoming more prevalent. Osteoarthritis, also known as “wear and tear” arthritis, is affecting an increasing number of Americans. By the time adults in the U.S. reach age 75, nearly 50 percent will have chronic joint pain.1

As demand for pain interventions to manage orthopedic conditions increases, practices offering a fuller range of pain management solutions will have an edge.
Here are 3 ways a C-arm fluoroscope can help you offer a comprehensive range of pain management services for your orthopedic patients:
  1. Fluoroscopy is the preferred imaging method for spinal injections, because ultrasound is limited in its ability to provide clear visualizations around or behind bony structures. With fluoroscopy, there are no problems with acoustic shadowing as there can be with ultrasound.2
  1. Fluoroscopy can be a better choice for larger patients because of its ability to provide better visualization of deep anatomical structures, compared with ultrasound.2
  1. It takes skill and experience to master the scanning techniques for ultrasound, so the quality of the images is reliant on the provider’s expertise. Fluoroscopy, however, is familiar to most providers and doesn’t require advanced training to produce a reliable image.2
C-arm fluoroscopy machines — such as those offered by IBM Watson Health through its collaboration with Ziehm Imaging Inc. — facilitate quick and high-quality imaging for orthopedics, pain management and general surgical applications.* With its all-in-one design, small footprint and cost effectiveness, the Ziehm Solo FD is a great solution for orthopedic practices looking to expand their pain management services.
Find out more about the C-arm offerings from Watson Health or about our other orthopedic imaging solutions
*Distributed by Merge Healthcare. Available in US only.
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  2. Ultrasound-guided interventional procedures for chronic pain management. Pain Management. 2015 Nov.

Originally posted on: 10/17/2018 2:25:23 PM

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