Merge OrthoCase™

A digital templating solution to create preoperative orthopedic plans

Merge OrthoCase
With Merge OrthoCase, you can leverage our 20,000+ digital template library to create preoperative orthopedic plans from any web-based location. By replacing 2D X-ray images with digital templating, plans can be developed faster, saving time and improving efficiency. In addition, surgical plans can be securely shared with orthopedic vendors and others involved in surgery.
Create preoperative orthopedic plans with digital templating from any web-based location and benefit from a more convenient, efficient approach to orthopedic surgery.

With Merge OrthoCase, you can:

Template Database
Simplify Planning
Access a large database with templates from major implant manufacturers. Tag favorites for quick and easy navigation.
Treatment Plans
Produce More Efficient Treatment Plans
Automatically select and position hip implant templates tailored for total hip replacements, automating the pre-surgical planning process.
Measurement Tools
Incorporate Advanced Measurement Tools
Create and incorporate custom measurements and image manipulation tools such as twist angle, reflex angle, outline tool, and image stitching.
Share Preoperative Plans
Share Your Plans
Easily and automatically save your digital templates in the PACS to reference either during or after surgery. Securely share all pre-surgical reports and measurements with sales representatives for ordering surgical implants.


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