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Solutions for Clinical Professionals

As a physician, you feel the impact of decreasing reimbursements acutely. You also contend with the ever-growing industry pressure to read more images – at a faster pace – while still taking the time required to deliver a thorough patient diagnosis. Your time is precious and scarce, yet so much of it gets mired in cumbersome workflows and tedious, low-value tasks. But, how can you focus more on the work that matters most like increasing the quality of care delivered to your patients? How can you carve out the time you truly need and enjoy your work environment again?
We're here to help. Watson Health Imaging provides powerful clinical solutions enabling physicians to regain control of their schedule. Leveraging years of invaluable clinician feedback, the unique characteristics of specialties and practices have been built into our modular solutions to offer the most physician-centric workflows. Our focus is on eliminating low value steps of the diagnosis and reporting process, developing powerful and intuitive viewing capabilities, and meeting the requirements of the toughest IT environments. The result is an array of cognitive and non-cognitive offerings to help physicians meet their clinical needs and improve their reading experience.

Improve patient care with:

Merge Cardio
Merge Cardio™
An image and information management system that supports all cardiology modalities
Merge Hemo
Merge Hemo™
Real-time documentation tool for the cardiac cath lab
Merge PACS
Merge PACS™
A real-time picture archiving communication system
Merge Unity
Merge Unity™
An integrated RIS-PACS-Reporting platform
Merge OrthoPACS
Merge Orthopedic Solutions
A single vendor for orthopedic imaging

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Best in KLAS

Merge Cardio Best in KLAS
Merge Cardio™ was named Best in KLAS in Cardiology in 2019 for six consecutive years.
Merge Hemo Category Leader Cardiology Hemodynamics
Merge Hemo™ was named Category Leader in Cardiology Hemodynamics in 2019 for eight consecutive years.
iConnect Enterprise Archive Best in KLAS VNA
iConnect® Enterprise Archive was named Best in KLAS VNA/Image Archive in 2018 for three consecutive years.