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Solutions for Healthcare Executives

As a business leader, you steer your organization through an ever-evolving regulatory environment while keeping abreast of challenging industry changes. Your focus is laser-sharp, but divided between the two sides of the business equation. On the revenue side, you can’t control reimbursements, but you can drive your organization to capture more volume, leverage new government mandates and ensure insurance payments. On the cost side, you can optimize workflow, automate a broad range of time-consuming activities and monitor your organization’s performance. But difficult questions remain. Can your systems scale and support long-term growth? Can you improve your quality of care and increase demand?
We’re here to help. Watson Health Imaging has a comprehensive portfolio of modular solutions to support your efforts in every major business function.

Whether your goals are to improve clinical documentation, drive efficient front or back office workflow, seamlessly manage complex billing scenarios, automate patient preauthorization, move toward a paperless environment, increase patient engagement, or gather real-time analytics from the enterprise, Watson Health Imaging is your partner with powerful options that integrate into diverse IT environments that can position you for success.

Solutions to Benefit Your Bottom Line

Merge Dashboards™
Insightful data driving successful organizations

Merge Document Management™
A paperless office solution to easily access and manage your non-DICOM documents

Merge Unity™
An integrated RIS-PACS-Reporting platform

Merge RIS™
An outpatient radiology information system

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What Our Clients Say

“With one of the biggest changes in a few years being the shift toward pay-for-performance, we are all concentrating on quality, and reporting is a big part of that.”

- Stephanie Hatton, Revenue Cycle Director, California Medical Business Services